Iberian lynx

Iberian lynx

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PEÑALAJO is a 2,260-hectare estate located between the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Mudela and Almuradiel in Ciudad Real, very close to the northernmost foothills of Sierra Morena.

It limits to the west with one of the largest highways in Spain, the Autovía del Sur, and in fact it has its own exit from the highway for this large estate, 227, which attests to the historical importance of this place.

Its geographical position is excellent just over 2 hours and 15 minutes from Madrid Adolfo Suarez Airport.

PEÑALAJO was always a famous estate and farm because of its high density of partridges and mountain rabbits, and more recently for its Manchego cheeses and olive oil. Meeting place in the past of the European aristocracy, it is a place of reference and of great economic importance for the area.

The farm still retains some of its traditional uses and has been relegating others, but has always considered the conservation of Mediterranean habitats, pasture and arable land as one of its identities.

They have been indispensable collaborators in recent times for the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Ciudad Real, working together with the different local and regional administrations and together with WWF, improving the habitat of the Iberian lynx and the local rabbit population.

The result, several years later, is that PEÑALAJO has one of the highest Iberian lynx densities in the Iberian Peninsula, with 2 breeding populations, located inside the farm and a third one in a neighboring farm, with constant animal movement being detected between both sectors.

The chosen accommodations are located just 5 minutes from the entrance of the farm. This means there are literally 10 minutes from the hotel room of the photographer to the photographic hides.


The very high density of rabbits has meant that females successfully breed more than two cubs on average per season and that there is a high number of young specimens in the area.

A few years ago, PEÑALAJO rose to fame because one of his breeding females MESTA began to raise her cubs in an abandoned haystack located in the heart of the farm, accessing the place daily through the entrance door to the haystack.

Nowadays ODRINA, a daughter of MESTA, has displaced her mother, and has occupied the haystack, raising her cubs in this same place. MESTA is now doing the same in the south of the farm.


PEÑALAJO is going to be an integral ecotourism project with the installation of 25 photographic hides over a 5-year period, focusing on species as emblematic as the Iberian imperial eagle, the sandgrouse, the little bustard, vultures and a long etc. The first 7 double hides which will start operations as early as January 2020 will be dedicated to the Iberian lynx.

The density of animals is simply amazing, and the comfort and tranquility of this place is fantastic.


We have worked hand in hand with WWF to ensure that the hide locations are sustainable and respectful of the ecology of the animal.

The density of observations, traces and latrines in some places is simply amazing and the open structure of the farm allows for good light and good visibility from the surroundings.

The photographic hiding places are double, all of brand new construction and of great comfort.

The farm rangers will pick up the customers at the entrance door and transfer them daily to the different hiding places.

Full day photo sessions of Iberian lynx will be priced at €195 for adults 

We introduce a special launch offer, until March 31: the next full day photo session will be free, in case the lynx does not appear in front of our hide.


In addition to the high density of Iberian lynx in the area, PEÑALAJO is a privileged place for the observation of emblematic species such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the Iberian sandgrouse, the Black-bellied sandgrouse, Little bustard, great spotted cuckoo, little owl, Red necked nightjar, Roller and many others

PEÑALAJO offers the possibility of organizing observation days, with picnics or meals served in the countryside, tasting the products of the farm, enjoying a unique and unique experience.

More information at info@wildwatchingspain.com or calling +34987740805 / +34609726444


5 minutes far from PEÑALAJO ESTATE is located Hotel Las Canteras.

Hotel Las Canteras offers a good value pruice accommodation with an excellent restaurant.

Is on E5 motorway, a comfortable and well located Hotel for our visits to Iberian lynx estate.


Double shared room 55€

Single room 33€


Peñalajo is located together with the South Motorway E5, between the towns of  Santa Cruz de Mudela and Almuradiel, 15 minutes far from Valdepeñas.

Highway exit 227.

2h and 15 minutes far from Madrid Airport

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