The wildcat (Felis silvestris) is one of the most beautiful and difficult to observe mammal on the European continent.

Its activity usually takes place during twilight and night, on the edge of forests and scrub areas, usually far from the gaze of strangers, and very commonly goes unnoticed.

In half of Europe observing and photographing cats is an exceptional event, conditioned to luck. However, in different enclaves of the Cantabrian Mountains, the successful observation of these beautiful cats is possible, thanks to a basic aspect of their ecology.

In the pastures of these Cantabrian valleys there is an important population of mole rats (Arvicola terrestris), which in good times can reach densities of up to 35 ind/ha; This fact causes cats to lose their caution and leave the forest to capture these rodents in the open field, often near tracks and roads.

This gives us the opportunity to photograph them at close range, from the windows of the 4x4s with the help of “beanbags” or to observe them calmly with telescopes at a greater distance.

The days in which five or more cats are sighted in different sectors are not at all strange.

Guided excursions to observe wildcats in the Riaño Mountain, transportation in an all-terrain vehicle and availability of optical equipment included*.

There will be 2 daily excursions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The average duration of each excursion will be around 3-4 hours, its duration being variable based on the daily activity of the animals.




From July 25 to October 31 is the best time to try to observe them, although wild cats can be seen throughout the year.

Clients collection points

Riaño gas station (León).

Tierra de la Reina Hotel (Boca de Huergano)


Adult: 110€/person and day

Child (up to 14 years old): 60€/persona y día.

* all vehicles have binooculars and telescopes for clients.


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