Iberian wolf

Iberian wolf

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Gato montés y lobo ibérico en Picos de Europa


Riaño Mountain range is one of the most popular destinations for wolf watching around the world. The number of packs in a limited area, the kind of habitat and the incredible landscapes makes of these valleys a paradise for wildlife observation.

More than 20 foreign agencies visit us each year, and hundreds of particular customersturning this area of Leon into a benchmark at European level.

We are sure we are offering the best success rate in the observation of  wolves in all the world.

Summer season: All days from July 16th to October 31st, 2023.

Product details

Guided excursions for Iberian Wolf watching in the mountains of Riaño, transport in 4WD cars and availability of optic equipment*.

The daily service consist on 2 excursions, one during the morning and another one during the afternoon. The average duration of each one is around 4 hours (8-9hours in total), variable depending on wolf activity.

Meeting points:

Lobo Ibérico

Riaño Petrol station (Leon) 

Tierra de la Reina Hotel in Boca de Huergano (Leon)

Presa Hotel in Riaño (Leon)


Adult: 120€/person and day

Childrens (max 14 years old): 60€/person and day

* All vehicles have serveral binoculars and telescopes to share among our customers.

Where overnight in Riaño Mountain Range?

We can find different kind of accommodations and possibilities in Riaño, with different prices and services.

Some suggestions could be:

Cheap accommodations: Casa Rural La Era (Lario), Albergue Venta de Eslonza ( Villafrea de la Reina), Albergue de Maraña.

Good price-value accommodations: Hotel Presa (Riaño), Hotel Tierra de la Reina ( Boca de Huergano), Hostal Sainz (Riaño).

Others: Casa Rural Riaño, Casa Rural La Huerta, Camping de Riaño, Camping Alto Esla, Hotel San Glorio.

How to get to Riaño?

If you travel from central or south Spain, you must drive to León and the take the N-625 road, driving in direction to Riaño, arriving at Riaño some miles after crossing Cistierna Town.

However, coming from the East the best option will be to use the CL-626 road, that crosses villages such as Cervera de Pisuerga and in Guardo take the P215 road to Velilla del Riaño carrion and later the P215 road to Boca de Huergano, there we meet N621that drive us to Riaño in few minutes.

Travelling from north, Oviedo or Gijon, you can access to the are through Tarna or Ponton pass, firstly taking the AS-117 road and later N-621 road to Cremenes. However if you choose Ponton pass you will drive by N-625 road, taking again later N-621.

Finally, the clients that come from Santander or Bilbao must to take the A-8 motorway to Unquera. There they must leave to motorway taking the N-625 road, accessing to Riaño area through San Glorio pass.

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